Where did it all start?

So you made it this far! That means you are either thinking about relocating or have actually done the deed. Hey – well done! Or perhaps you just want to read about some of the thrills and spills along the way … but whatever the case, we wish you welcome and our sunny greetings to you from the small island of La Palma in the Canaries.
And so let me explain about this blog. Firstly, it is designed to help YOU, whether you are at the stage of dreaming, serious planning or have already moved to a foreign country. This blog is all about relocation and as an expat of some eleven years, you can expect some tips about becoming an Expat yourself, about living abroad and a few anecdotes along the way. Yes, moving abroad is meant to be fun!
Oh, expat, that’s a word I’m not very fond of so hopefully you won’t hear me use it very often. Yes, of course it explains very succinctly who we are but it always conjurers up images for me of shady people shuffling around in dark robes, not wanting to be seen or noticed! And that’s not what we are about.
Generally, we are all about embracing this new life abroad and that means joining in with the local community, helping and perhaps being helped. That’s what I think anyway and that is one of the reasons I personally came to live abroad – to actually live life in another country. It happened to be La Palma, a small island in the Canary Islands.


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