Why on earth do you want to live in the Canaries?

As any expat will tell you, there is one thing about moving abroad that is almost guaranteed – people will ask you all sorts of questions including ‘How long have you been here?’ ‘What made you want to live in the Canary Islands?’
Well, the first question is of course easy to answer; we left the UK in January 2002 and after trying out all the Canary Islands (yes, all of them) while renting accommodation, we found our finca in Franceses in the north of La Palma in June of that year and moved in two weeks later.
To most people, our chosen location was apparently rather a surprise; La Palma is one of the smaller Canary Islands, quiet and with relatively little tourism and we had chosen to live in the extreme north where there are more goats than people. And, as we were told, nobody there spoke English. Great – the challenge was on!
To be honest, I can’t really say that I had particularly envisaged that we would still be away from the UK eleven years later but then again, we left without any real plans so there is no real plan to stick to!
But the second question, as to why we left the UK to take up residence in the Canaries is a long one, no matter how short I try and make it.
Many people will tell you that they came to live in the Canary Islands for the sun. Or a better quality of life. Yeah! Or that they are just fed up with their homeland – taxes, immigration, unemployment, crime, traffic, work … weather … And so the list goes on. Generally though it is a mixture of all of these.
For me, one of the reasons was the idea of living a different sort of life, to be immersed in the culture of another country and, as I have always had a fascination with foreign languages, to learn Spanish. Perhaps above everything though, moving to the Canaries was all about finding the elusive – the opportunity to enjoy the gift of time and to appreciate what is around us. And in that, we have definitely come to the right place.
But if everything can fall into place for you, then it would be difficult to find a better place than the Canaries. After all, it has a fantastic climate, a similar culture, politically stable, close to the UK, a more relaxed way of life – could you wish for anything more!
When we left the UK, we didn’t have a fixed idea of what island in the Canaries we might live on. In fact, the only island we had been to before was Tenerife and that was years ago. But the great thing about relocating to the Canaries is that the islands are incredibly diverse.
So if you are considering moving abroad to the Canary islands, almost no matter what sort of lifestyle you are looking for,  it is here on one of these beautiful islands.


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