Living the Dream

Many people think, or so I’m told, that moving abroad really is living the dream. Long lazy days by the pool or beach, no stress, no hassle. No worries. But what happens when living abroad becomes a reality?  As you might imagine the fun doesn’t stop there – and of course by fun, I don’t just mean the good times! beach with straw umbrella
A strategy really can help and I should know – we didn’t have one! I’m a little bit wiser (and older) now after the event and I might even say that I wished we had made a more detailed plan. But then again, I’m not one of life’s great planners.
But whether you are a planner or not, then you will doubtless need to be prepared to ‘go with the flow’ at times.  And if you are thinking of moving to the Canaries, then to a certain extent you will need to be flexible in both your planning and attitude to life.
Many people perhaps imagine that the dream of moving to Spain (after all, the Canaries are part of Spain, if an autonomous region) is going to be simply that – a wonderful experience of a dream-like quality. Well … it is and I won’t deny it but there will doubtless be some downs as well as many ups.
One thing that frustrates some people is the very thing they came to live in the Canaries for – that relaxed attitude to life, the mañana approach.
I can’t say personally that we have been too troubled by the mañana that Spain is famous for. Well, except on the only two occasions when we have had workmen in and they didn’t turn up on the agreed day. A few urgent telephone calls were needed and a bit of cajoling/pleading went on but after they arrived, they worked like swirling dervishes.  Oh, and then the time when we were trying to get a contract for a gas cylinder and we were waiting for an inspector to arrive – that did take quite a lot of persuasion and in the end I had to put my foot down.  That’s the only time I have allowed myself a little strop, more to see if that tactic would finally work more than anything else.  A size 4 shoe can be quite intimidating after all.
So where’s the up side, I hear you asking. Well, the good news is that there is very much an upside to living the dream. People have time for you. You have time for You! And there is time for life. Nobody gets bitter and twisted just because the people in the car in front have stopped in the middle of the road for a chat with people in another car. If it doesn’t happen today, it’ll happen tomorrow. Or tomorrow.  Oh yeah, mañana.  Do you know, sometimes, you just can’t rush a good thing.
In our next blogpost, we are going to start looking at some specifics about moving abroad. Oh no, not paperwork! Oh yes, those dreaded forms and bits of paper. Even in the laid back Canaries there is officialdom. But don’t worry, living the dream doesn’t have to mean a nasty wake up call.


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