Countdown to the F-Word!

We’re sure going to be following your great adventure and wish you all the very best on that gorgeous island!


Now don’t panic… No profanity here. The “F-Word” is the affectionate nick-name for Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands.

My life has taken a massive change in direction and I hope to use my blog to chart the forthcoming adventure.

We (My partner and I) just celebrated our second anniversary. We also just celebrated our one year anniversary since he proposed to me on a rocky plateau in Ajuy, overlooking the Atlantic ocean.

We are heading back out there in a weeks time for a vacation. Not a vacation in the same sense as most. Regularly when people travel abroad with their bulging suitcases they say the have taken ‘everything but the kitchen sink!’ This will not apply to us as we are taking everything including our TV! Yes you hear that right.

Why would we be taking a TV on holiday…. Well to use in our new home of course!

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