Slowing the Pace in La Gomera

A lovely piece on La Gomera and fantastic photos to go with it!


There are blogs, and then there are blogs. I know that a blog which is, essentially, a guide to a place/or places, is still a blog. Truth is, though, with this one I’ve always thought of it as a journey, which is how I originally thought of blogs. I want to keep it that way, but there are times when time itself runs away with me. Right now I have all these stories from the past few weeks. It’s like having a basket of fruit, and trying to decide which to eat first. Some are riper than others.

I recently read a journalist’s take on trying to write about a place visited weeks or months previously, whilst trying to absorb the atmosphere of the new place in which he found himself. The places get jumbled in the mind, sometimes mesh together to the point where you forget where you are…

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