Lanzarote’s most beautiful spot

Sandwiches in the Sun

Our top destination on days out with visitors to our home in Lanzarote, is a jewel of a place in the north, unique right down to the species of albino crabs that populate the still, deep lagoon which sits quietly in the semi-darkness of an ancient volcanic crater at the heart of the site. The attraction’s name, Jameos del Agua, refers to the volcanic underground chambers that characterise the whole area. Hundreds of these craters, tunnels, and caves were created by a series of powerful volcanic eruptions between three and four thousand years ago, and have since been invaded by the sea and eroded by the elements. Centred on the flooded cavern with its intriguing little crabs, the tourist attraction was conceived by Cesar Manrique, the padrón of Lanzarote art and architecture, who dominated the island culturally during the second half of the twentieth century. Its four levels include a…

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