Travelling with an (almost) 8 year-old: La Palma, Canary Islands

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La Palma - Roque de los Muchahos Observatory

La Palma is one of the islands of the Spanish Canary Islands, which geographically lies off the shore of Africa, west of Morocco. Canary Islands have always been popular as a winter getaway for Europeans, since it is practically the warmest European territory in the months of December – February. La Palma is the farthest island off the mainland, and is the least touristy one of the big islands. It also has its own airport and a direct connection from Amsterdam, which was why we decided on the island as our winter escape last February.

The island was a beautiful sight since the time we landed. The mountain rose not far from the coastal towns below, and the sky was clear. Once we drove the serpentine road up the mountain, went through a tunnel and emerged on the other side of the island, however, we were all awed at how…

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