10 Reasons to Visit La Palma


Flight to La Palma

Absolutely thrilling, loved it! Many thanks for letting us share (oh and by the way, you flew over our finca in the north of La Palma 🙂

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Recently I’ve made a flight with 2 friends spotters on the Piper from Tenerife North to La Palma and back.

As this was the first time for them on a small plane like this one, they were really enjoying the views from the cockpit and also from the co-pilot seat.

The weather was actually pretty good, almost no wind, no turbulence. Only some cloud layers between 3.000 – 8.000 feet. We were able to climb to get about them and wnjoy the views of the sea of clouds. It feels like to fly a big airliner…

The basic instrument training I´ve done was a great help to maintain the plane on the desired track when descending through the cloud layer. The basic thing is to look inside the cockpit on the instruments and trust your instruments and don’t look outside.

We did one touch and go at La Palma Mazo…

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Unfit on the Teide

Beneath the Hat

I got myself a free night in a hotel and my name (misspelled) in the Tenerife local rag once. It’s not as glamorous as it sounds, in fact, it was a real wake up call.

I’d had enough of the UK, it was mid-winter and I wanted some sunshine. With nothing holding me down except a job that I despised, I packed my rucksack and flew out to Tenerife to find some work with a view to set up and possibly stay. To save some funds I was living in a campsite, it was brilliant, there was a large contingent of people with the same idea as myself, all escaping the cold and looking to find work, or to just relax. Everywhere you go on Tenerife, the volcano Teide looms over you, for such a small island, this is a huge chunk of rock. One night, over a roaring fire…

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The NIE journey continues…

Many thanks to Amanda for this great blog post!

Amanda Astin

Hola from Spain!


Sitting on a Café next to my job, start working in an hour. This morning I continued my journey towards achieving my final NIE documentation. My work mate Julie, from Germany told me thay the most important thing to do when “Going on Spanish administration tour” is to be relaxed and breath. Because you know something WILL go wrong and some papers WILL be missing. So buy your self a soft drink and chocolate before entering any administration building. With this in mind I started off my day with visiting the social security office – because I needed a copy if my working history here in Spain. The office which is located in San Fernando opened at 9.00 (9.05, the guy had a smoke first..).

Entered the small local and asked for a copy of the “Vida Laboral” document and he told me to fill in a…

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